Buried At Sea: Call To Arms Pt.1

Episode 6

Huff darts across the hallway, keeping out of sight.  After having put the two powerful females down, from fear of what actually might have happened, her only choice was to escape the room.   She peers back in the direction of her room knowing that Mejo and Tarnaa won’t be down for long.  She continues to wonder about these feelings she had, before and after, feasting on Kat’s body. She shivers momentarily, the realization that she has taken a life, beginning to break her spirit.  With another peek, she takes off again while this area of the ship is unoccupied.

Coming up to the entryway to the above decks, she hesitates.  She doesn’t quite know why, and stares at the stairs that would lead her above sea level, the last rays of the day’s sun washing over the wooden steps.

Snapping out of an unknown funk, she takes a step forward, her hand reaching for the railing, her limb breaking through into the sunlight.

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Buried At Sea: Call To Arms Pt.2

Episode 7

The battle down below is filled with chaos, the bodies of the dead stacking high around them.  From the crow’s nest, Jazz can see everything perfectly, whether he wants to or not. He winces as a crew member gets bitten on the arm, the poor man screaming out in pain before he is yanked away and into the hungry throng.  He closes his eyes and sighs knowing it won’t be much longer until he is the only one left.


He turns around, finding Zoey climbing up into the crow’s nest, thinking the highest place in the ship is also the safest.  Jazz nods to regard her, then looks back in time to see the captain and Alex, along with Mejo, Tarnaa and several others, Arlynne included, making little headway. Read More →

Buried At Sea: Unlikely Allies

Episode 8

“The sails won’t be good for much…”  Jazz says to the captain, the young man watching as the captain’s bloody, bandaged, arm is being rewrapped in some more cloth.  “The explosion of pitch burnt clean holes through some, but,” He begins, a little chipper. “We did survive! I never thought we would ever see something like that when I signed up!”

The captain grunts as he ties the bandage off using his teeth to tighten the knot.  He then grabs a bottle of rum, from his private stash, and pulls the cork out with his teeth.  Spitting it onto the floor, the pirate captain takes several deep gulps before putting it, forcefully down on his desk.

“So, what ye be sain’, is that me ship is gimpin’, just like me crew?”  He takes the bottle back and drinks a few more ounces.

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Buried At Sea: Getting To Know You

Episode 9

The small life boat slowly makes its way through the strangely calm waters, each member inside cautiously looking for the large dorsal fins of the sharks that are no doubt out and about.  Jazz, rowing along just fine, has his mind set on one goal; getting them to the largest of the islands in Chum Waters. Avoiding the jagged juts of land that would tear the boat apart, he trusts in his lookouts, Ivonelfe and Tarnaa, knowing they will not let him, or the rest of the boatmates, down.

“One coming up on our left!”  Ivon states, the dark formed land mass’s shadow poking through the still waters.  Jazz rows accordingly, the small boat making it’s slight correction flawlessly. As they pass by the rocks, they spot what appears to be a skull sitting on one of the flatter portions.

“Washed up from the waters be me guess.”  The Captain states, everyone’s vision then going to the dark water.  Several more silent, but no less tense, moments pass, the lantern in the Captain’s hand glowing a weak beacon in an unfavorable setting.

A small thump, the boat rocking gently, startles them.
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Buried At Sea: The Lives We Live

Episode 10

Season Finale

“What are we going to do?”  Ivonelfe asks, her and Tarnaa dodging the large leaves and low lying branches.  They are being pursued by a few cannibals, the same ones that knocked the Captain upside the head.  “What is our plan of action?”

Tarnaa, a woman warrior, seasoned by countless battles, tries to think of one.  The whirlwind of events are causing her to lose focus. She reaches up and grabs a tree limb, propelling herself over a tangle of tree roots.  She lands softly and continues on, Ivon following right behind.

“Tarnaa, did you hear me?”

“I heard you!”  She answers, more harshly than she meant it to be.  “Sorry. Yes. I did.” She ducks under some vines wrapped around an opening, knowing what they MUST do, but executing it, with at least three murderous dogs chasing them, she is unable to.  She would rather sit and fully workout the plan, but any second they now squander, is a second they can ill afford to lose.

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