Buried At Sea: Gifts

Episode 7

After putting Alex into his holding cell, and the moment upon the stairs, Torr and Huff come above decks.  The night is still crisp, very tense, but these two seem to be unaffected by it all, despite Torrinda being a major player in all of it.

“Lemme show you what Zahlee made for me!”  Huff, pulling Torr’s arm, says excitedly. She winks at him.  “Very form fitting I might add.”

“Oh?”  Torr asks, his eyebrows raised.

“Mmhmm.”  Huff adds.  “I’ll grab them and show you how it looks.  I’ll meet you back at your quarters in five minutes.”

Torr grins, then looks back towards the door to his cabin.  He scrunches his brow and then looks back at Huff who is a few feet away, the woman bounding away.  “Wait.”
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