Buried At Sea: Loose Ends

Episode 6

“I’ll…”  Arlynne says, swaying down the alley, the woman very much inebriated from the potent liquor from the bar.  “I’ll show em’.” After leaving the tavern, she had initially gotten lost – turning down the wrong dock lane – and has now found herself back to where she had taken the wrong turn.

Since she had missed the information concerning the remembrance get together, she – along with Torrinda, Mejoltman, and the missing Andy, are not currently not present at the gathering.  Instead, she stumbles through the docks, squinting at the small torch lights, in order to find the right boat.

“I’ll find ‘er myself.”  She snorts. “The look on Torr’s face when I come dragging Andy in.”  She laughs, then has to hold her arm out to stop from over balancing and falling over.  “What’d’ya say then Cap-e-tan? Hmmm?”
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