Buried At Sea: Dreamscapes

Episode 5

A lazy, slanted ray of sunlight peeks over the horizon, the blanket of warmth chasing the last bit of shadows from the land.  With many crewmates taking a night at one of the local inns – glad to be off the boat- one individual has chosen to stay on board to see the night through.

Inside the Captain’s quarters, on the soft bed, Torr peeks open an eye as he sees the sun begin to fill outside, a ray slipping passed the curtain in the room to catch his attention.  He blinks a few times and begins to stretch, but feels his right arm is pinned and cannot move. He slowly looks that way to see the cause.

Perhaps he isn’t the only one to take the night aboard the ship.

He smiles and lays back down, putting his left arm, bending it at the elbow, behind his head, thinking about the events of the late hour where this situation came about.
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