Buried At Sea: Land! Sweet, Sweet Land

Episode 4

“When the rigging is completed, and we are fully docked, I believe we have all earned some relaxation time.”  Torr says to everyone gathered on the deck. The ball of fire that is the sun, has seemingly been swallowed up by the sea off in the distance, allowing Huff to join the crew without too much discomfort.  As the torches and lanterns begin to light the port of Millast, Torrinda, after been given the OK that they are docked, nods, releasing everyone of their duties.

“That sail o’ yers..”  A tall, sea weathered man says when everyone has left, sucking a morsel of food out of what teeth are left in his mouth.  He looks up to the patched sails and squints. “Looks like a big’n. Aint gonna be cheap to get a new one.”  He grins as he thinks Torrinda a young, foolish, naive Captain. “I’m sure hopin’ ya got deep pockets if’n ye wan’er fix’d.”

Torr surveys the sail again.  He very much doubts the man’s claims, but without knowledgeable information of who will fix, or sell one, it is hard to place a number on it.  He plays the man’s game, however, wondering what lengths he would go to.

“I hope it is not as expensive as you suggest…”

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