Buried At Sea: The Lives We Live

Episode 10

Season Finale

“What are we going to do?”  Ivonelfe asks, her and Tarnaa dodging the large leaves and low lying branches.  They are being pursued by a few cannibals, the same ones that knocked the Captain upside the head.  “What is our plan of action?”

Tarnaa, a woman warrior, seasoned by countless battles, tries to think of one.  The whirlwind of events are causing her to lose focus. She reaches up and grabs a tree limb, propelling herself over a tangle of tree roots.  She lands softly and continues on, Ivon following right behind.

“Tarnaa, did you hear me?”

“I heard you!”  She answers, more harshly than she meant it to be.  “Sorry. Yes. I did.” She ducks under some vines wrapped around an opening, knowing what they MUST do, but executing it, with at least three murderous dogs chasing them, she is unable to.  She would rather sit and fully workout the plan, but any second they now squander, is a second they can ill afford to lose.

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